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  1. Economic price.
  2. Friendly service.
  3. Transfer from your hostel.
  4. Fun, historic places to visit.
  5. Discovery of naturel beauties.
  6. .Great landscape photographs to be taken .
  7. Great memories to share with friends.
  8. Pleasure of Sun, sea and sand.
  9. Return transfer and happy farewell.


            One of our tour programs that we recommend to join to our local and foreign guests choosing Dalyan for holiday is Rhodes Tour. 

For Rhodes Tour which will start at 07:00 in the morning, we  will pick you from your accommodation points in Dalyan upon your request and arrive at Fethiye Port. After departing from Dalyan, we will get on the ferry at Fethiye Port at 09:00. Our passports and identity cards are controlled and the tour begins.

After 45 minutes of travel we arrive at Rhodes Port and we can start our tour from any point you would like to.

What can you do? We can give you some advise about what to do and where to go.

Greek people are Orthodox Christians and their beliefs are quite strong. There are many churches, chapel, monasteries. Please pay attention to be silent in some places and try not to take photos with flash  as much as possible. Probably you have heard about "siesta" before, business day ends at 14:00.  Many stores and governmental offices are closed except institutions like cafeteria and restaurants.

You can also taste frappé national refreshing drink of Greek community.

SÜLEYMANİYE  MOSQUE:  It is located at the  highest point of castle. It is known that it was built by  KANUNİ SULTAN SULEYMAN conqueror of Rhodes.

HAFIZ AHMET AĞA LIBRARY: It is located on the north of Süleymaniye Mosque in the castle. It was built by Hafız Ahmet Ağa in 1793. It was enriche with handwritings brought from Egpyt and Middle East.

(PARGALI )İBRAHİM PASHA : This mosque, built near the eastern part of the city within the castle, was a house for worship with a beautiful architecture. It was built in 1540.

FETHİ PASHA CLOCK TOWER: It is located on the up part of Süleymaniye Mosque in the castle. Fethi Pasha, a collector of precious watches manufactured in the West, has built this clock tower and equipped the four sides of this building with beautiful and valuable watches.

SULTAN SÜLEYMAN MOSQUE: The mosque, built by Sultan Mustafa in 1746, is located on a lower area the Süleymaniye Mosque in the castle. Our cognates in Rhodes still organize marriage ceremonies in this mosque.

AĞA MOSQUE: Ağa mosque is a wooden building which is built in the middle of the castle. The wooden minaret, built by the carpenters in the beginning of the year 1900, was dismantled in 1984 and rebuilt in the year 2004 and replaced with the old one.

MURAT REİS MOSQUE: The minaret of this mosque belonging to the mausoleum of Murat Reis is located in the north east of the city, has a relatively different architecture from other minarets. It was built in 1636 by Ebu Bekir Pasha.

FARALYALILAR MANSION: It is located on the Pythagoras Street, overlooking the harbor in the castle. This fascinating building which is the most important of rare Turkish works that survived up to now, attracts attention even when approachng to port as well as Süleymaniye Mosque, İbrahim Pasha Mosque, Grandmaster's Palace.

We sholdn't skip Rhodes coasts. There are many beaches like Lindos, Kalithea  ve Faliraki. You will not be able to finish your holiday without visiting crystal clear, funny beaches.

We are supposed to be at the port at 16:00. After our passports and identity carts are being controlled, our return journey starts.

            After the tour, our shuttles will drive you to your accommodations as in the morning. We will end this beautiful day and say goodbye.

Our request from the guests: Please share your pleasure with your friends. Social media and real friends are waiting to see your photos and hear about your memories in order to live the same experience as you did starting from Dalyan with our contribution as Kardak Tourism, don’t forget it. With 32 years of experience, our company has been providing service for adding unforgettable moments to your holiday, providing 20 different tour services except Rhodes Tour program. We would like to meet you again in another Kardak Tourism tour. Best regards

Departure Time :07.00 am

Duration : App. 12 Hours
Movement Locations and Time

Dalyan 07:00 am

Tour Days Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday

Transportation and ferry fee

What to bring Hat, sunglasses, sneakers, swimwear, towel, camera, cash for extra expenses.

Note: We, as Kardak Tourism, would like to express that we are open to hear all wishes, complaints and suggestions. In order to carry our service further, all of our staff will be with you in this regard.
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The first thing appearing on people's mind as an answer to what to eat in Dalyan is Blue Crab. Dalyan contributes to tourism with King Tombs, Kaunos Antique City, İztuzu Beach, thermal waters and mud baths as well as its blue crabs.

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