We asked to our local and foreign neighbours who came Dalyan long years ago, fell in love with this place and moved this town after retiremet "Why Dalyan? " We would like to share the answers with you.

            They say "there are sea, lake, canal, nature, history, deep green mountains, excellent smell of pine trees and air, warming Aegean sun, honey, olive oil and so on, what else can you expect from a place? Actually there is everything in this beautiful Aegean town where is dominated by a pleasant silence. I wish, we could tell about Dalyan more. This is not possible, but we will try to tell as much as we can.

            Dalyan is a neighbourhood in Ortanca district of Muğla which is a metropolitan municipality by law. It was a district in previous years, but now this is the last situation. This pretty town which is located along the canal bringing cool waters of Köyceğiz Lake to sea takes its name this delta. The Dalyan fishery founded for the commercial income with high popuation of gray mullet, bass, and bream is another factor. As a result of the advertisements made in recent years, Dalyan has begun to take its deserved position in Turkish tourism and is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the popular holiday and accommodation points. The most important topics for travellers  are accommodation, restaurans, participating in tours in Dalyan and we want to enlighten you in these matters.

           Dalyan is a holiday point where accommodation fees are affordable for world travellers. The prices full and half board accommodation services are around 70 - 150 TL per person per day in facilities offering full board and half board. Kardak tourism offers our guests tour services to meet them with the beauties of Dalyan, Köyceğiz Lake, Sultan Thermal Spas, mud baths, rock tombs, Iztuzu Beach, Ekincik Bays and caves, Caretta Carettas, blue crabs and many other ones. In our tour programs, we have a guide to give information about Dalyan and enlighten you on the topicks you wonder.

        Long years ago, the area where Köyceğiz Lake is located was watered by sea waters of Dalaman Brook, Yuvarlakçay and Namnam Brooks and it was an agricultural field cultivated. But later it invaded by sea waters and gained a port identity due to the great earthquakes that occured in the past. Due to Dalyan Delta which was shaped by the alliviums carried by Dalaman Brook which is a stream with a high flowing rate, its connection with sea decreased and in time it has become a fresh water lake. Köyceğiz has a rich population in terms of fish and bird species.
 The region is also an important centre for birdwatching and fishing enthusiasts.

          As understood from Rock Tombs that have become a symbol of Dalyan, this area hosted many civilizations and the most importsant ones are Lycia and Caria civilizations. In the past, Dalyan has been regarded as the border of the Lycian and Caria civilizations as well as the border of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.. Although the Dalaman River which changed its stream bed today was accepted as the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, the real border is Dalyan Canal.

          Dalyan Canal is a very important living area not only for humanbeings but also for natural habitat. It is a natural highway for living creatures such as mullet, sea bass, sea bream and blue crab, which dependent on the sea during breeding periods, live in the Köyceğiz Lake and Dalyan Canals. These creatures reaching the maximum number in these periods are hunted by Dalyan Aquaculture Cooperative (DALKO) with a their own method and have an important place for nutritional income sources of the local people. An another must to do and  we advise our guests is to taste the blue crabs.

         Swimming in Koycegiz Lake and Iztuzu beaches, health and beauty in Sultaniye thermal spas and mud baths, travel to history with Kaunos Ancient City and Rock Tombs, tanning under the Aegean sun, rich oxygen in the nature, diet with three meals a day and so on. Dalyan and a holiday in Dalyan have a lot to add your holiday memories. Let's meet and share the beauties of this region.

Dalyan is waiting for you with all the beauties, history and warmth of its people. 

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Köyceğiz gölü ve İztuzu sahillerinde yüzmek, Sultaniye termal kaplıcaları ve çamur banyolarında sağlık ve güzellik, Kaunos Antik kenti ve Kaya Mezarlarıyla tarihe yolculuk, Ege güneşi altında bronzluk, Doğada bol oksijen, Organik ürünlerle üç öğün sağlıklı beslenmek ve daha neler neler. Dalyan’ın ve Dalyan’da tatilin size ve tatil anılarınıza katacak çok şeyi var. Gelin tanışalım ve bu bölgenin güzelliklerini paylaşalım. Dalyan sahip olduğu bütün güzellikler, tarihi birikimi ve sıcakkanlı insanlarıyla sizleri bekliyor.


The first thing appearing on people's mind as an answer to what to eat in Dalyan is Blue Crab. Dalyan contributes to tourism with King Tombs, Kaunos Antique City, İztuzu Beach, thermal waters and mud baths as well as its blue crabs.

Caretta Caretta sea Turtels

Every thing aboute Caretta Carettas.