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  2. Güler yüzlü hizmet.
  3. Konaklama noktanızdan transfer.
  4. Eğlenceli bir gün.
  5. Rehberlik hizmeti.
  6. Gece yüzme deneyimi.
  7. Yıldızlarla buluşma.
  8. Mangal partisi.
  9. Plajda ateş başında doğaçlama bir akşam.
  10. Ege Güneşinin batışı.
  11. Gece karanlığında tekne yolculuğu.
  12. Çekilecek müthiş fotoğraflar.
  13. Dostlarla paylaşılacak güzel anılar.
  14. Tur dönüşü transfer ve mutlu bir veda.


One of our tour programs that we recommend to join to our local and foreign guests choosing Dalyan for holiday is Moonlight Cruise Tour Program. Discovering natural beauties of your holiday resort, sunset, experience of reaching to the stars are just some of the great activities waiting for you.

Our  cars take you from your accommodations. After all the guests take their seats in the boat, we will set off. Start time of the tour is 19:00pm. Our first aim is to watch sunset over Köyceğiz Lake. To immortalize the moment, prepare your cameras while heading through Köyceğiz Lake in accompany with pleasant bird noises. You will see many landscapes like postcard pictures.

After a 30 minutes ride we arrive at our first stop, Köyceğiz Lake. The boat will anchor in here. To feel the cool waters, Just leave yourself to transparent waters of Köyceğiz Lake.  You can watch the farewell of Aegean sun either while swimming in cool waters or sipping your drinks on the deck of our boat.

Now it is time for dinner after swimming break and sunset.  Let's go the the ground in Köyceğiz Coast and fire our barbecue. Maybe we light a fire and gather around it.  Anyone with the guitar or goblet drum?  You can make your own live music, play any instrument and enjoy.  There will be pleasant smell around while we are barbecuing fish, chicken or meatballs.

We will continue enjoying until midnight, you can swim under the stars and make conversations in the coast of the lake.  Use every moment to make this night an unforgettable memory.  Don't forget to take taking many photographs.

How fast the time passed and our time is over in here, it is already midnight.  t is time to return to Dalyan, under the stars and darkness of the night, with guidance of moonlight. Our transfer cars are waiting for you at Dalyan Pier There will be pleasant smells around while we are barbecuing the fish of chickens. We will end this beautiful day and say goodbye.

Our request from the guests: Please share your pleasure with your friends. Social media and real friends are waiting to see your photos and hear about your memories in order to live the same experience as you did starting from Dalyan with our contribution as Kardak Tourism, don’t forget it. With 38 years of experience, our company has been providing service for adding unforgettable moments to your holiday, providing 20 different tour services except Moonlight Cruise Tour Program. We would like to meet you again in another Kardak Tourism tour. Best regards

Departure Time :19:00 pm

Duration : App. 5 Hours
Movement Locations and Time

Dalyan 19:00

Tour Days Sunday,Wednesday,Friday

Transfer from and to your accommodations, Barbecue Party.

Not included


What to bring Swimwear, towel, camera, any instrument you can play, and cash for extra expenses.

Note: We, as Kardak Tourism, would like to express that we are open to hear all wishes, complaints and suggestions. In order to carry our service further, all of our staff will be with you in this regard.
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Köyceğiz gölü ve İztuzu sahillerinde yüzmek, Sultaniye termal kaplıcaları ve çamur banyolarında sağlık ve güzellik, Kaunos Antik kenti ve Kaya Mezarlarıyla tarihe yolculuk, Ege güneşi altında bronzluk, Doğada bol oksijen, Organik ürünlerle üç öğün sağlıklı beslenmek ve daha neler neler. Dalyan’ın ve Dalyan’da tatilin size ve tatil anılarınıza katacak çok şeyi var. Gelin tanışalım ve bu bölgenin güzelliklerini paylaşalım. Dalyan sahip olduğu bütün güzellikler, tarihi birikimi ve sıcakkanlı insanlarıyla sizleri bekliyor.


The first thing appearing on people's mind as an answer to what to eat in Dalyan is Blue Crab. Dalyan contributes to tourism with King Tombs, Kaunos Antique City, İztuzu Beach, thermal waters and mud baths as well as its blue crabs.

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